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Kelley Charlebois

Managing Principal, Alberta

Kelley Charlebois is an accomplished public affair professional with an established reputation in Alberta’s public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Since the early 1990s, Kelley has been involved in public policy development and public relations. Over the years, Kelley has taken a variety of roles in advisory and leadership capacities, both inside and outside government. He has honed his skills as someone with a deep understanding of the development and implementation of policy and the practical elements of communications.

Kelley has worked through the years in government as a Ministerial Chief of Staff, as the role of Executive Director of the PC Party of Alberta, and as a trusted advisor for clients on matters affecting public policy, corporate strategy, and corporate reputation. He is a versatile professional who has brought his skills to the public and private sectors and across a variety of disciplines.

Kelley began his career in the public sector, where he served seven years as provincial Chief of Staff across four portfolios, including Community Development, Environment, Education, and Heath. During his time in government, Kelley helped implement strategies to redesign programs, reinvest in education, advance environmental stewardship, and implement healthcare reforms for greater sustainability.

In the private sector, Kelley has worked with a wide variety of clients, focusing on Healthcare, Post-secondary, Construction, Energy, and Resource sectors. Kelley’s diverse experience enables him to design and implement strategies focused on clients’ individual needs.

Kelley has also worked closely with clients in the Energy sector to engage federal, provincial, Indigenous, educational, forestry and industrial stakeholders. His results-oriented approach was instrumental in generating support for crucial projects.

Kelley brings his high level of professionalism, solid strategic advice, and years of expertise to deliver results for Maple Leaf’s clients. His substantial knowledge base and proven skills help Maple Leaf’s clients navigate an evolving political landscape.

Kelley studied history at the University of Calgary. Kelley has been married to his wife, Karen Thomas since 1999, and has two children together.