The Team

June 10, 2014

Dimitri Pantazopoulos, Partner (Vancouver)

Dimitri is one of Canada’s leading public opinion researchers and an expert strategist for national political and business leaders. He is highly regarded for creating compelling and powerful campaigns based on insightful market research and creative analytics.

He has a 25-year track record of success in political and public policy campaigns and public opinion research. Recently, Dimitri has provided senior level advice and public opinion research on a variety of campaigns in Canada, including:

  • Alberta 2017 – Jason Kenney ’s successful campaign for the leadership of the United Conservative Party.
  • British Columbia 2018 – Andrew Wilkinson’s successful campaign for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party.
  • Ontario 2018 – Doug Ford’s successful campaign for the leadership of the PC Party.
  • Ontario 2018 – The “For the People” (Ontario PC) provincial campaign, resulting in the first successful PC government in almost two decades, and the election of Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario.

In addition to these most recent victories, Dimitri has supported numerous campaigns at all levels of government, including as a past pollster to the Prime Minister of Canada (Stephen Harper), and Premier of British Columbia (Christy Clark).

Outside of the political realm, Dimitri works with a number of private sector clients to help them achieve their reputational, communication and public policy objectives. Working closely with clients, he applies his skills to provide advice in the development and execution of strategies to achieve strategic objectives.

Dimitri is a native of Ottawa and earned a degree in business, specializing in Finance.  He and his spouse Nicole live in Vancouver with four of their five children and two dogs.