June 4, 2014

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Maple Leaf Strategies defines a unique type of consulting service: expert public affairs, government relations and communications rendered solely by seasoned and experienced professionals. Unlike larger firms, principals at Maple Leaf work in close one-on-one cooperation with a client’s senior management, delivering compelling, cost-effective and results-oriented campaigns in Canada and the US.

We specialize in the following areas:

Strategic Counsel

Maple Leaf Strategies team members are recognized as some of the leading public affairs and government relations strategists in Canada. We bring a principled and experienced approach to public policy development focused on achieving results for our clients.  Our team has extensive experience at all levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal. We understand the complexity within and around public policy development and the disparate pressures that affect the decision making dynamic within governments.


Federal, provincial and Municipal Government Relations

Canada’s multi-faceted levels of government can pose unique challenges and opportunities for our clients. Different jurisdictions and competing political agendas add to the complexity. Wherever your issue may land Maple Leaf Strategies is uniquely positioned to help. We are proud to have a track record of success working with federal, provincial and municipal governments across the country.

Stakeholder Relations

Maple Leaf Strategies has developed sophisticated stakeholder relations plans for a variety of clients. These plans are singularly focused on ensuring stakeholder buy-in whether they are media, government officials, elected officials or key industry stakeholders. An effective plan always begins with the right strategic approach. We can deliver that strategic value to any stakeholder relations challenge to ensure public policy buy in.

Coalition Building

Often a successful government relations plan will include effective coalition building to advance a public policy agenda. Maple Leaf Strategies specializes in developing results driven coalition building when a government relations plan demands the impact that a strong coalition can deliver.

Issues Management

If you are facing a difficult challenge dealing with government, embarking on a merger or acquisition that requires government approval or you are managing an issue or project in the public eye, Maple Leaf Strategies can help provide strategic counsel that will focus the problem and provide practical solutions.

Media and Communications

Media and communications is a vitally important element in the public policy sphere. Maple Leaf is proud to have experience in developing clear, concise and effective media and communications campaigns that deliver results.

Analytics & Audits

Maple Leaf provides clients with an in depth understanding on how public policy will impact their business and investment decisions. We provide timely updates and insight into the government decision making process and anticipated outcomes. We also provide firms with audits of how government views their business and business strategies.

Research Capabilities

Part of the success of a boutique firm is to focus on being among the best in each area of practice. The recent addition of one of the most trusted and respected pollsters in Canada provides Maple Leaf clients with a reliable hand on the pulse of Canadian opinion.

Our principle researcher, Dimitri Pantazopoulos brings with him over 20 years of experience in both Canada and the US, we are equipped to handle complex and important public opinion research projects including social marketing campaigns and public policy campaigns.

Maple Leaf Strategies is able to offer a diverse range of research options to suit our clients’ needs:

Quantitative Surveys

We offer full-service research from questionnaire design to the final report and we focus on what is relevant and actionable. We emphasize live, telephone-based research, although we provide clients with the methodology best-suited to their needs (online, recorded touch tone research etc.) in the circumstance.

Qualitative Focus Groups

When it is important to get beneath the numbers and evaluate “why” and “how” we provide clients with insightful qualitative research. Our research has been used for message, slogan and ad testing, as well as strategy development for communications and lobbying campaigns. Our capabilities include traditional focus groups with national or international reach as well as specialized series such as Perception Analyzer sessions to get into the nitty gritty of communications and messaging.

Let Maple Leaf Strategies show you how to invest in public opinion research to achieve your strategic communication goals.

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